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Brevard FL Weight-Loss Program
Here at Trident Healthcare, we specialize in the semaglutide weight loss program. Listed below are some of the most common questions patients have about the medication and how it works. To find out if you are a suitable recipient for this medication, contact us and speak to a provider.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a weight loss medication sold under the brand name Wegovy. Even though it has only been on the market a reasonably short amount of time specific to weight loss, it has been FDA approved. The medication is administered as a weekly injectable with the patient starting at a minimal dose and increasing until a therapeutic dose is obtained.

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 medication that patients with type II diabetes use in lieu of other medications. For many years now, semaglutide has been effective for lowering blood sugar along with the added benefit of weight loss. In 2021, semaglutide was approved and Wegovy became available to the public as a once-a-week injectable to treat obesity.

How does it work?

The exact way semaglutide causes weight loss is still unclear. One very important benefit from semaglutide is the impact it has on the brain, specifically the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the body’s temperature, regulates our mood, blood pressure, sleep and sex drive. As it relates to weight loss, the hypothalamus controls the sensation of hunger and fullness.

Many patients taking semaglutide have lost their cravings with their choice of unhealthy foods and have replaced them with healthier options.

Lastly, semaglutide slows down the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Simply put, semaglutide keeps you fuller longer because the food stays in your stomach longer.

Is it safe?

All medications have risks and side effects. Semaglutide is safe for most people and can be used by people with most heart, kidney, liver, and endocrine conditions.

Before taking semaglutide, our provider will have a thorough conversation with you about your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

How fast does semaglutide work?

Semaglutide has a different effect for each patient. Some patients begin to lose weight in the first week of taking the medication, and some patients don’t see any weight loss for several weeks. Each patient’s body is different, therefore the speed and amount of weight loss differs respectively. Doses of the medication begin small and increase as the body adjusts to it.

Patients should understand that even though semaglutide slows down digestion and gives you the sensation of being full, you can still over-eat. Doing this often times impacts weight loss results and introduces adverse side effects. As with all weight loss programs, positive lifestyle changes need to be made for optimal results.

How fast can you increase the dose?

The typical dosing regimen begins with 4 injections of 0.25 mg, (4 weeks / 1 month) and increases 0.25 mg each month up to 2.4 mg per month, as long as side effects are negligible.

At Trident Healthcare, we follow this guideline unless your side effects are problematic or weight loss / lack thereof are suggestive of a deviation. Monthly appointments are crucial in your weight loss journey in order to track the following:

  • Side effects; are they mild or severe?
  • Feeling hungry; has the medication suppressed your hunger?
  • Weight loss; how much weight have you lost?

As patients differ with the above factors, Trident Healthcare has an individualized weight loss treatment plan that maximize the benefits of the medication while keeping side effects to a minimum.

How long do I need to take semaglutide to see results?

Suppose you adopt the healthy lifestyle changes we recommend at your consultation. In that case, you could see results as early as the first week. Healthy sustainable weight loss is 0.5 – 2.0 pounds a week. Factors that come into play when determining length of therapy:

  • Patient BMI; moderate vs. high
  • Nutrition; healthy vs. unhealthy options, portions
  • Exercise; presence vs. absence

Patients lose weight at different rates. It is important for each patient to maintain a realistic perspective and goals for their weight loss achievements. Trident Healthcare will work with each patient to prepare and implement a weight loss plan for long-term success.

Do I need to take semaglutide for the rest of my life?

Semaglutide has not been on the market long enough to establish empirical data on patients’ ability to maintain their weight loss. However, if the positive lifestyle changes made during the treatment period remains a priority, weight loss goals can be maintained. Medication is helpful, but not intended to be sole option or for long-term use. Longer-term use should be discussed with a provider if medical conditions exist that affect weight gain.
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