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Regarding the 3 pillars of health (mind, body, wellness), when your mind and body are right, your wellness is optimal.


Weight-loss can contribute to one’s overall wellness. We all want to love and be happy with who we see when we look into the mirror as it pertains to our weight. Are you are struggling with weight gain induced by medication? From Menopause, injury or life changes? How about post COVID weight gained while working at home and / or not being as active? Let Trident Health Care give you the skills, along with life changing medication(s) to get your weight down or back to your target weight with long-term success.


Trident Health Care specializes in Semaglutide, which is a game-changing medication that increases satiety (the satisfied feeling of being full), rejuvenates communication between the stomach and brain (returning the body to healthy portions), AND it re-trains the brain to enjoy healthy food choices and curbs unhealthy cravings.
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Trident Health Care also offers a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins B-6 and B-12, and Lipo-C injections to compliment Semaglutide. These B vitamins and Lipo-C’s are essential in the fat burning process of your weight loss.

We Care

We at Trident Health Care will take the time to listen to you, answer any of your concerns, educate you on your medication choice and ensure you are comfortable with your weight loss treatment plan.

Primary Healthcare

At Trident Healthcare, we want to provide quality healthcare for everyone by offering a variety of memberships for those who don’t have insurance to supplement medical expenses or to those who want to avoid pricey deductibles and co-pays.
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Psychiatric Medication Management

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Lipo C injections; $50 monthly, once a week shot taken to assist in:

  • Increased energy
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Rapid fat burn

Although the Lipo C injections are typically a better option for those interested in weight-loss, it still boosts energy due to the formula possessing a B-12 base. This injection will mobilize fat by releasing fatty proteins, stimulate the removal of fat from the liver to prevent fat storage, and help prevent cholesterol and fat build-up within your arteries. This injection will also increase your metabolism by converting fat and food into energy and decreasing the amount of food your body stores as fat.

Don’t depend on your over-the-counter supplements found in vitamin aisles to provide you with the same results as with Lipotropic injections. Your body may not digest or absorb the nutrients from the tablets as well, you may not be getting exactly what you are expecting from them because the FDA does not regulate them as strictly as over-the-counter medications, and you may not be able to combine the supplements properly to gain maximum effectiveness. Specifically, B-12 is absorbed by the body better through muscle tissue (as an injectable) than the gut (as a tablet taken orally), and the tablet loses its potency as it moves through the gut and GI tract.

Trident Healthcare

Brevard County

Trident Healthcare appointments are not exclusively in-person, however are important for optimal treatment. Telehealth visits are available under extenuating circumstances agreed upon between the patient and provider.
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